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The Top 13 Topics for The Top 5 List in the Year 2098   

13 Top 5 Reasons Dick Clark's Hair Is Still Brown  

12 Top 5 Signs Adam Sandler is Too Old to be Re-elected President 

11 Top 5 Signs Your Galactiball Team Won't Beat the Ganymede Cosmobots This Astroyear 

10 Top 5 Strom Thurmond Campaign Slogans 

9 Top 5 Revived Walt Disney Pet Peeves 

8 Top 5 Surprises on The Rolling Stones New Tour  

7 Top 5 Signs You, Too, Might Be a Distant Relative of  William Jefferson Clinton 

6 Top 5 Ways To Tell Your Parents You're Straight  

5 Top 5 Benefits of the USA/Microsoft Merger 

4 Top 5 Reasons to Pull the Life Support on the 110-Year-Old Olsen Twins 

3 Top 5 Signs You Went Outside Without Your 250 SPF Sunblock 

2 Top 5 Things You Don't Want to Find in Your Dinner Pill  

and Top5's Number 1 Top 5 List Topic in the Year 2098...  

1 Top 5 Signs Your Roommate's Sexdroid is in the Shop